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Business Tax Services

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Scottsdale Business Tax Services - Corporate, LLC, Sole Proprietor & More

At Cilliers CPA, our approach to business tax services reflects our fundamental value proposition: to deliver services which reflect our expertise so our clients can do what best reflects theirs. Our services meet the needs of organizations of various structures--corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.

Tax Compliance Services

Our reputation for quality service is built on the fact that we can be depended upon to prepare timely and accurate tax returns for our clients.

  • The Cilliers difference, however, is that with our use of online portals and our friendly, accessible staff, our clients find us personal and easy to work with.
  • Unlike providers who presume everything is “same as last year”, we create the opportunity to discuss with our clients any changes in their business and understand how those changes impact their tax situation. We know the right questions to ask to determine whether there are new deductions or credits available.
  • Before they are released to clients for review, all returns are reviewed by one of our CPAs for added protection and accuracy.

Tax Authority Problem Resolution

At Cilliers, our philosophy is that accuracy up front is the best way to avoid tax issues, and our tax specialists are trained with that view in mind. However, we also know that even a timely and accurate tax return can draw attention from a tax auditor.

  • We provide our clients confidence that we’ll review a tax notice, tell them what it means, and find the quickest resolution possible without them ever needing to deal directly with a tax auditor.
  • Our priority is to resolve problems before they become larger issues, even if we did not prepare the return in question. We start by helping to gather information responsive to the Service’s inquiry, and this is typically where it ends. If an inquiry progresses, we help dispute or obtain an abatement of penalties if appropriate.
  • For those with delinquent returns, we focus on getting returns filed and calculating back taxes. If necessary, we help our clients enter into installment agreements to pay back the IRS. Our bottom line goal is to stop the clock on fines and penalties and return our clients to compliance.

Tax Planning and Advisory Services

In business, most major decisions have tax implications. We make it a priority to work collaboratively and proactively with our clients to consider the tax impacts of their decisions.

  • We help clients understand the tax implications of their major decisions and determine the best tax strategies to achieve business goals.
  • For recurring operational decisions, often while preparing return for one year, we’ll identify opportunities for a more tax efficient business operation. Our tax professionals are trained to share our recommendations with clients when we see areas that could be improved upon and potentially minimize tax payments.

Schedule a consultation today to discuss how we can help you meet tax compliance requirements, minimize tax payments, and accomplish your goals, all within a personal, friendly environment where relationships are valued.