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About Scottsdale CPA Firm - Cilliers CPA

Why we do what we do:

Our firm was formed in November 2006 after one of our typical conversations on our way to San Diego from our home in Phoenix. Like many of our friends, this annual 6 hour drive is often the time when we have our "deep" husband-wife conversations, while the kids are watching DVD's in the back of the car.

Sometime during each road trip, we used to dream about starting a business that would provide great services and also benefit our community. Since we are both CPA's we always talked about doing "something fun" that did not involve numbers. However, one cannot deny your own destiny. During this 2006 November trip, we came to the conclusion that we should use our "numbers talent" to build a family CPA firm. Ever since then we have been helping those who really don't care for numbers. We take care of the accounting, financial statements, payroll and taxes, while our clients run their businesses or just enjoy their number free lives.

Give either Philip or Traci a call at (480) 626-2760 to see for yourself what number lovers look like, and most importantly to rid yourself of those number nightmares.