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CPA Firm Data Security - No Click Policy

Due to the amount of the confidential data accounting firms maintain, they are seeing a significant increase in data breaches. At Cilliers, CPA PLLC we have always taken the security of your data and confidential information very seriously. We have physical and software systems in place to protect your data. We are always monitoring the environment and staying up to date on guidance from the IRS and AICPA. Each year our software providers and our firm add new features to safeguard your data. 

Hackers are now hiding code in attachments and links in emails looking like client e-mails to gain access to CPA firm data systems. To address this we will be implementing a "No-Click Policy" immediately to avoid hackers from entering our system via the emails system.

No Click Policy

To send us information (files or data) you will need to do one of the following:

  1. Upload documents to your secure portal (access at www.cillierscpa.com)
  2. Send us documents via our secure website www.sendmyfileonline.com
  3. Physically deliver hard copies to our offices
  4. Clients may take a picture of a document and text it to us, where we will print it directly to a physical printer via airprint app
  5. Utilize physical mail systems to send hard copies to our office
  6. Fax us a document at 480-422-9765
  7. As a very last resort client mat email us a document, with a confirming phone call noting date, time, telephone number and person confirmed with, the document name and size.