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Payroll Services - Direct Deposit & Paycheck Processing

The paycheck is the most basic element of the employer-employee relationship. At Cilliers, CPA, we know that when our clients trust us with their payroll, they’re trusting us with one of their most important assets--their people.

With a proven cloud-based payroll application and a transparent fee structure, our payroll services deliver more than timely, accurate, surprise-free payroll services. We deliver peace-of-mind

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We help our clients cement their employee relationships.  Employees trust their employers to deliver timely and accurate paychecks. We help our clients deliver on that expectation with a cloud-based payroll application that is secure, tested, and reliable.

  • On the employer-side of the process, hours, bonuses, and any periodic changes are input through an intuitive interface that minimizes the risk of error.
  • From that input, our payroll application calculates employee pay, payroll taxes, and deductions, and pays employees via direct deposit or printed checks.

We help our clients prepare and submit payroll taxes. Three common penalties the IRS levies against small businesses relate to failure to file payroll tax returns, failure to deposit tax withholdings, and the failure to pay the company’s portion of payroll taxes. Consequences for violating these basic principles of payroll tax compliance can be dire, including severe penalties, business interruption, and federal criminal investigation.

These penalties can be easily avoided with the consistent, reliable process for managing payroll such as that provided by our payroll services. We know the common payroll tax audit triggers and apply that knowledge to help our clients avoid the severe consequences of payroll tax compliance issues.

We help our clients keep employee information organized. A workforce of any size generates a significant amount of data that must be maintained for new and continuing employees. At Cilliers, CPA, we help our clients maintain that data to run their business and maintain compliance with financial institution and tax authorities requirements. Our efficient and effective payroll management process ensures this information is easily accessible and ready to use.

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