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Small Business Accounting

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Small Business Accounting Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Most entrepreneurs have a clear picture of what they want to accomplish and how to achieve that success. Those who fall short often do so because they lack information to evaluate and correct their businesses’ performance or because their attention is diverted by necessary but non-strategic activities.

Turnkey Accounting Solutions

At Cilliers, CPA, we have designed small business accounting services proven to help our clients overcome the hazards that block many small businesses from success.

  • Bookkeeping with our AccountingSquad™ service. We take our clients’ transactional data and return it back to them as organized information that serves as the foundation for information-based decisions.. 
  • Accounting and Analysis. The AccountingSquad™ package does more than simply gather data to sit unused on the Cloud or a drive. We use that data to deliver actionable information in financial reports like income statements and balance sheets.
  • Tax Compliance. Regardless of the type of business through which they are generated, most transactions must be reflected in one or more tax filings. Our AccountingSquad™ clients have confidence that those tax filings--from federal, state, and local income taxes, sales tax, payroll taxes, and property taxes--will be prepared and filed in a timely and accurate manner.

Always Listening

The AccountingSquad™ package is designed to meet the needs we help our clients define. We build this listening into our client relationships through established annual brainstorming sessions to discuss performance, understand next step goals, and seek feedback about our service quality.

  • Financial Planning. In these brainstorming sessions, our clients identify next steps large and small. Whether determining the amount of a contribution to a tax-deferred savings plan, securing a loan for growth, or selling all or a portion of an existing business, our clients have found us to be a valuable resource in evaluating and executing those steps.
  • Tax Planning. There are many moving parts in any business and almost any major decision has a tax implication. We have the training and experience to optimize elections and deductions, and legally minimize business tax liabilities. We also help our client’s develop and implement tax strategies to achieve their business goals with the minimal tax impact.

A Personal Touch

Whether in the annual brainstorming sessions, or through a phone call or email, our clients see us as trusted business advisors who are ideal sources for objective advice or direction. Our clients value the personal touch, subject-matter expertise, and business acumen, Philip and Traci bring to every encounter.

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