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How Many of These Tax Mistakes Do You Make?

  1.  Failing to Plan: Planning is key to financial defense and guarantees results.
  2.  Mistaking "Proactive" for "Aggressive": No "red flags" or "gray areas" 
  3.  Too Much Employment Tax: How can you pay less?
  4.  Wrong Retirement Plan : What's the best plan for you?
  5.  Missing Family Employment : Hiring family can cut your tax.
  6.  Missing Medical Expenses : Pay family medical bills with tax free dollars!
  7.  Missing a Home Office : Even if you have an outside office you may qualify.
  8.  Missing Car Expenses : Are you making the "mileage allowance" mistake?
  9.  Missing Meals/Entertainment:  Do you know how to maximize them?
  10.  Missing a Good Tax Planner: That is where we come in!

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