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Individual Tax Services

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Scottsdale Individual Tax Services - Tax Return Preparation & More

Tax rules require that all paid tax preparers be registered with the IRS, but that doesn’t mean all tax preparers have the same experience or credentials. The CPA’s who provide the practical portfolio of personal tax services for Cilliers’ clients bring years of experience and are bound by gold standard training requirements and ethical guidelines.

Practical Portfolio of Personal Tax Services

With our years of experience providing personal tax services to meet the needs of Scottsdale-area clients, Cilliers’ tax professionals know the issues for each type of return an individual might need to file.

  • Tax Return Preparation. When it comes to knowing what counts (or doesn’t count) as income, and what expenses can (or can’t) be deducted, we are often able to make valuable tax savings suggestions that an off-the-shelf software program can't anticipate. The value of our advice alone can easily offset the additional cost of consulting with our tax professionals. When the monetary value of personal time is taken into account, taxpayers often find the cost of preparing their own returns exceeds the cost of our services.
  • Tax Planning. With our experience dealing with variety of tax situations, we are uniquely positioned to help clients resolve questions and plan for events to achieve their goals with the minimum tax impact. Whether related to ongoing activity, such as self-employment or partnership tax issues, or infrequent transactions such as buying or selling real estate, exercising stock options, or receiving an inheritance, our clients have found our assistance quite valuable.
  • Tax Services for Estates and Trusts. We offer tax return preparation and planning services provided by tax professionals with years of experience in addressing the special requirements of estates and trusts. These services range from assisting in developing estate plans, implementing those plans, and preparing the necessary tax filings. We bring our experience to our clients’ personal situations to develop planning opportunities that frequently result in significant estate tax savings.

Personal Engagement with Qualified Professionals

There is no way of avoiding the fact that taxes are a big part of our lives. And without proper assistance, the tasks of accurately filing tax forms, paying taxes, and planning for them can be complex, stressful, and even financially risky.

  • Our clients have found these services are provided by qualified professionals who are available year-round to answer questions, plan for specific transactions, or resolve tax problems.
  • Our clients have observed the Cilliers’ difference, which is that we work with individuals and families in a way that fits their needs. Whether we exchange information through our online portals, via fax, or through face-to-face delivery of documents, the common theme is that our services are provided by friendly, accessible staff.

Schedule a consultation today to discuss how Cilliers CPA firm can help you minimize the stress of tax compliance while accomplishing your goals and minimizing your tax obligations, all within a personal, friendly environment where relationships count for something.